It feels like coming full circle.  After playing together as a trio for over 11 years, No Secret broke up in late 2010 as life got in the way.  Dody & Frazier got back together in 2012 as an acoustic duo while Tim pursued a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lead Timmy D and Blind Justice with his son, Ben, on drums.  In late 2014 we all realized we missed the magic, and started planning the return of No Secret.


No Secret's current members are alums of many local groups, such as the Danville-based Shades of Blue, USA, and the Willard Cratchelow Band (aka Willard), Champaign's The Edge, No Secret, Vox Humana, and lots more.  We're back with lots of old and new favorites and to see where the latest version of the No Secret Band takes us.


 Upcoming gigs ...
A little musical history ...

Friday, Oct. 20 - Cowboy Monkey, Champaign, 8:00pm (opening for Dan Hubbard)

Saturday, Oct. 21 - Satio Wine Bar, Bloomington, 6:30p,-9:30pm

Friday, Oct. 27 - The Clark Bar, Champaign, 6:30p,-9:30pm